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Our Service >> Virtual Dynamic Branding™ (VDB)

With the purchase of an advertisement on TheRockfordNetwork.com, our staff will create a Virtual Dynamic BrandingTM (VDB) Page for your business.  The VDB Page will contain an assortment of information relevant to your business and will act as dynamic internet presence for your company.  With the VDB Page, your business will receive:

  • Detailed Business Description of Your Company

  • 2 Additional Business Logos for Increased Branding
    • VDB Logo
    • Mapping Logo

  • Detailed Contact Information
    • Phone Number(s)
    • Street Address
    • Email Address
    • Hours of Operation

  • Downloadable PDF Files
    • Such as a - Menu, Brochure, Catalog, etc.

  • Photos
    • Up to 3 Business Related Photos

  • Website Link(s)

  • Interactive Google Map

  • Social Bookmarking

  • Business Reviews

With your advertisement, you will also be given a username and password to your own personal control panel, where you will be able to control every aspect of your VDB page.

Just Google It...

Everyone has heard the phrase, "Just Google it.", but can your business be found online?  Now you can...

Your VDB Page will be indexed by the major search engines within days of being live, so when someone Googles your business, you WILL be found.  Yellow Pages are a thing of the past.  If your business can't be found online, you ARE missing out on business...

Be found online, today!

Can My VDB Page Act As My Website?


For $19.99 a year, we can purchase a domain name of your choice that will be routed directly into your VDB Page.  For example, if your company was named XYZ Company, we could purchase the URL address www.xyzcompany.com, which your company could then use on your marketing materials to direct your customers to your VDB Page.

I just purchased a domain name, what about email account for my domain?

Not a problem!  

For a one-time $25.00 setup fee, we will setup your domain with an email account, or two, or three, or however many you need.  Stop using yourbusinessnamehere@yahoo.com as your primary email address for your business...

You own the domain, might as well use it to its fullest!  

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