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Paws Awhile - Dale Ann Eckstein (Pet Massage Therapist)

Your Pet's health is important and massage therapy is beneficial to humans and dogs for many of the same reasons. Pet massage is a technique of deliberate and focused touching aimed at improving your animal's overall well-being. From puppy to adulthood, your dog will become healthier, happier, more responsive, and better behaved.

Our services are usually performed in your home so your dog is in a familiar and comfortable environment.

As a result of massage, your pet should enjoy increased circulation, pain relief, flexibility, reduced stress, and improved overall disposition. Animals with chronic ailments such as arthritis or hip dysplasia are ideal candidates for massage.

If your pet is older, massage can energize them. Pet massage can also be a comfort to your dog when they are approaching their end of life.

Our services are complementary to, but never a substitute for, veterinary care.

In general my techniques:
  • Enhance circulation of blood and lymph
  • Release endorphins
  • Improve mobility
  • Flush toxins
  • Increase alertness
  • Reduce anxiety
  • Help healing from emotional and physical trauma
Dale Ann Eckstein, a Certified Pet Massage Practitioner, is trained in massage technique, anatomy, interpreting animal body language, and Energy Work. A lifelong pet lover, Dale has been performing dog massages throughout West Michigan. While in training, she learned techniques such as acupressure, communication, and touch therapy to effectively maximize the health benefits for your pet. Dale says, "Dog massage is my business focus and my personal passion." "From my experience, I can attest to the dramatic improvements massage can make on a pet's life, both mentally and physically."


What my customers are saying:

"Our Shiba Inus love their massages and seem calmed and comforted after each session. This is so beneficial to their long term health but also shows immediate results. We're pleased to have this service available."
- J. Knott

"I found Paws Awhile on the Internet and immediately called Dale to schedule an appointment. I explained that my dog can't use the stairs. After just a few appointments I saw improvement in my dog's ability to get around without assistance. I personally believe that pet massage helped in the healing process of my dog."

After a session with Dale, my 12-year old boxer, Tucker, was like a puppy again. He was able to enjoy longer walks, his appetite was stronger, and I could tell he just felt better. I don't know what happened in those magic sessions, but I am eternally grateful to Dale for the comfort she provided to Tucker as he aged.
- Kerry

Improve the overall health of your dog by scheduling an appointment.
Please contact Dale at 616.863.0620
Or dalemk@charter.net

Service Areas
Grand Rapids
Bay City/Saginaw
Northwest Ohio


Paws Awhile - Dale Ann Eckstein (Pet Massage Therapist)


Rockford, Michigan 49341
Business Hours
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Paws Awhile - Dale Ann Eckstein (Pet Massage Therapist) - Rockford, Michigan 49341 - 616-863-0620
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