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Marian Deja - Tupperware Director

Hello, my name is Marian Deja and I am your local Tupperware Director for the Grand Rapids, Michigan area. Having been associated with the Tupperware brand for over 19 years, I can attest to the durability, practicality, and functionality of the Tupperware products.

From storage containers to cookware, the Tupperware line of products will make your life easier, giving you the flexibility to spend more time with the people who truly matter, your friends and family.

To browse our catalogs and view current sale items, please visit our website.

Check out all of the newest items

Check out all of the deals on sale products!

Tupperware Products:

  • Quality Kitchen Storage Containers
  • Refrigerator and Freezer Storage Containers
  • Food Storage For RV\'s & Motorhomes
  • Housewares, Plastic Glassware, & Serving Ware
  • Cookware & Gadgets
  • Cutlery, Kitchen Utensils & Choppers
  • Stainless Steel Pots & Pans
  • Eco-Friendly Kitchen Products
  • BPA FREE Microwave Safe Cookware & Bakeware
  • Microfiber Kitchen Towels,Dish Cloths & Sponges
  • And Much, Much More......
  • ALL TUPPERWARE Products are BPA FREE.....

Earn Extra Income...Part Time, Flexible Hours

Are you a stay at home Mom looking to earn some Cash for Christmas? Maybe you are just looking to bring in some extra vacation money.... Tupperware may be exactly what you need. Whether you are looking for a full-time career, part time work or you just want a discount on your personal tupperware purchases.
While Tupperware Business opportunities are open to everyone, stay at home mothers with young children are ideal candidates to build a business from home and bring in some extra income.

Learn More about Tupperware Business Opportunities

Keep Your Fruits and Vegetables Fresher Longer with NEW FridgeSmart Containers

Are you sick and tired of throwing away fruits and vegetables and literally dumping your "crisper drawer" at the end of each month? Fridgesmart will increase the shelf life of your produce 2-5 weeks saving a family of 4 approximately $500 a year in wasted produce.

Modular Mates Kitchen Planning

Winter is a great time to enjoy cooking in your kitchen

Winter season can be a great opportunity to test your skills in the kitchen. Our Chef Series Pans have stay cool handles, 5 ply construction and a lifetime warranty. If you love your pans...you will love to cook and it will help you to be a pro in the kitchen

Compare your Pots and Pans to Tupperware's Chef Series Cookware

Maybe baking is more your thing? How about some cookware that is both Microwave and Oven Safe? With our NEW Ultra Pro Cookware, you can start a cake in the microwave while the oven is preheating, then move it to the oven and cut your total bake time in half !! If you need to crank out a loaf of banana bread before a Holiday Party, then Ultra Pro Tandem Cooking is just what you need.

The possibilities to create quality, healthy and delicious meals are endless...

Check Out the ALL NEW Ultra Pro Cookware along with a few recipes

Campers and Motorhomes

It\'s time to invest in some Tupperware for your RV, motorhome, or cabin. Our quality food storage containers will keep bugs and moisture out, keeping your food fresh, even in the great outdoors. Save space in your cooler with our stackable Tupperware products.

Bridal Showers & Gift Packages

I do Tupperware Bridal Showers. This is a great way for a bride to start her kitchen with Tupperware. The bride registers for the gifts in advance. The guests purchase for the bride and themselves. The bride also receives of all the party gifts from the bridal shower. I do all the games and prizes and the hostess is responsible for the luncheon. I make bridal showers fun, the bride feel special and she is so happy to start her kitchen filled with Tupperware.

Tupperware also makes a perfect gift for any occasion. I can even wrap up a beautiful gift package for you. Give the gift that keeps on giving, Tupperware.

Want to Host a Tupperware Party or Microwave Cooking Class?

No time to cook or don\'t know how? Schedule a Tupperware Microwave class with me and invite your friends. I will teach you how to cook quick, easy, delicious, nutritious meals in the microwave using BPA FREE products. My classes are hands on, educational, and fun. Most important, you will earn FREE TUPPERWARE for hosting one!!

Interested in a Candy Making Class? Learn how to make delicious candies as part of our hands on candy making class! Discover how the Vent 'N Serve, Silicon Baking Mat, and Silicon Spatula can help you master the kitchen and create tasty and unique treats for your friends and family!

If you are interested in hosting a Tupperware party or microwave cooking class, please give me a call at 616.361.2129 to schedule your date and start on the path to earning your Tupperware rewards.

Fundraising Opportunities

Tupperware is proud to partner with local organizations to help fund and develop vital programs and services in your community. With no investment and minimal effort, organizations receive 40% of the proceeds from a Tupperware Fundraiser. It\'s fun and easy, and showcases the sustainable, reusable and durable products Tupperware is known for.

Tupperware makes it all possible...

For more information on any of our Tupperware products or to schedule an in-home demo or party, please call me, Marian Deja, at 616.361.2129 or visit my personal Tupperware website at www.mariandeja.my.tupperware.com/.

Marian Deja - Tupperware Director

806 Northwood NE,
Grand Rapids, Michigan 49505
Business Hours
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Marian Deja - Tupperware Director - 806 Northwood NE, Grand Rapids, Michigan 49505 - 616-361-2129
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