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Rogue River Cleanup Project - 6th Annual
 Date: 5-15-2010
 Time: 10am
 Place: The Rogue River
 Details: The 6th Annual Rogue River Cleanup Project is scheduled for Saturday, May 15th at 10am.

The project, headed by Andrew Kersting, has one simple mission: to clean up the Rogue River and restore it's natural beauty.

Volunteers are needed!

For more information or to volunteer, please contact Andrew at (616) 866-5896 or andrew@therogueriverproject.org or visit the website at TheRogueRiverProject.org.

As a result of The Cleanup's past efforts and increased awareness, the river is in its best condition ever and this year's project will only be a "mini-cleanup".


The Rogue River Cleanup Project

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